TFP (Time For Print) means Time, Services, or Product in exchange for photo(s).

TFP projects are shoots where the photographer, model and sometimes a make-up artist (MUA) collaborate on a project together to produce photos that all parties can use in their portfolios. As the name suggests, these are shoots where the currency is time. Neither the photographer, model or MUA expect any payment.

I do TFP with ideas and themes that interest me. If I choose to do a TFP shoot with you, know my terms and conditions.

ATuan Photography TFP conditions & terms:

  1. TFP does NOT mean you may request free photography to suit your needs. TFP is a reasonably equitable exchange of services that will benefit EVERYONE. If the proposed photo shoot is not of interest to you, please do not agree to participate as you will be unhappy in the end.
  2. You can select up to 30 unedited photos after the shoot. The photos will be delivered in web-based resolution format (JPG at 2048px). I will do my best to get you photos within a timely manner or communicate with you about the delay. I will provide no more than 3 edited photos that I choose from each look. If I choose to edit more, I will give them to you.
  3. I will not release original photos. You cannot choose which photos you would like me to edit. That is up to me, the photographer, and as the photographer, I have good reason for choosing the images that I do.
  4. I watermark my photos. No one may alter, edit, crop, or change my photos in ANY MANNER...ever.
  5. Nothing in my TFP agreement is a promise for credit, promotion, or advertisement on my websites or other social media. TFP means “time for photos”. Credit is a courtesy and if required, shall be discussed prior to the photo shoot.
  6. Photos received from a TFP agreement with me are for your portfolio and self-promotion only and may not be sold or used to advertise someone else’s business or service. I will also not sell or use the same photos for any purpose other than my own portfolio or self-promotion without permission from the model and a full unconditional model release on file.
  7. A limited model release is required for every TFP photo shoot and will be distributed to all parties on the team.
  8. I retain the copyrights to all of my photos forever.
  9. I am open to discussion and revision of these terms BEFORE the photo shoot, never after.

Updated: 10.2013